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July 29, 2015, Wednesday
  • Marquez saddened by CHR's seeming lack of interest in suing protesters who attacked 2 cops during SONA. 2 hours ago |
  • Sen. Grace Poe sees no need to resign from Senate cmte. chairmanships as she considers a possible presidential bid. 2 hours ago |
  • Manila Mayor Estrada plans to seal a joint venture with a private company to operate Manila Zoo. 2 hours ago |
  • Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada defends the joint venture with private firm to renovate Quinta market. 2 hours ago |
  • 14 injured as a bus falls off a ravine in San Narciso, Quezon. 2 hours ago |
  • DOJ team in Jakarta to talk with Mary Jane Veloso to strengthen case against her recruiter. 2 hours ago |
  • 8-man DOJ team arrives in Jakarta to talk with Indonesian authoroties about Mary Jane Veloso's case. 2 hours ago |
  • Coloma says Pres. Aquino already delivered a nationwide address for SAF 44 in February 6 this year. 6 hours ago |
  • DSWD says no politician seeking election must lay claim to PPP program because it is a national gov't project. 6 hours ago |
  • Marquez tells PNP Directorate for Operations to speed up the completion of 'Oplan Lambat-Sibat' manual aimed at fighting crimes. 6 hours ago |
  • Lacson says nothing will happen to Yolanda rehab. program if DBM won't release P 80B from Nat'l Treasury this year. 6 hours ago |
  • Lacson to question before SC in 2 weeks' time the P 424-billion lump sum in 2015 national budget. 6 hours ago |
  • Coloma says Pres. Aquino had already mentioned SAF 44 during PMA graduation in Baguio City last March. 6 hours ago |
  • Coloma insists Pres. Aquino has not forgotten the massacre of SAF 44. 6 hours ago |
  • Sr. Insp. Ryan Pabalinas' wife Erica says Pres. Aquino seems to have abandoned the quest for justice for SAF 44. 6 hours ago |
  • 'SAF 44' Sr. Insp. Ryan Pabalinas' wife Erica says Pres. Aquino could have at least thanked SAF 44 during SONA. 6 hours ago |
  • 'SAF 44' Sr. Insp. Ryan Pabalinas' wife Erica laments that Pres. Aquino forgot about SAF 44 in his SONA. 7 hours ago |
  • Bayan Muna Party-list Rep. Neri Colmenares urges Pres. Aquino to certify as urgent the Anti-Dynasty Bill. 23 hours ago |
  • Kabataan party-list Rep. Terry Ridon says Makabayan bloc stands by its actions during Pres. Aquino's SONA. 23 hours ago |
  • QC Rep. Winston Castelo says the House Ethics Cmte. should probe Makabayan bloc’s ‘unparliamentary behavior’ in session hall during SONA. 23 hours ago |
  • MMDA to hold metrowide earthquake drill on Thursday beginning at 10 am. 23 hours ago |
  • Abad says the P 3-trillion nat’l budget for 2016 is P 394-billion or P15% higher than the 2015 budget of P 2.6-trillion. 23 hours ago |
  • House Appropriations Cmte. Chairman Isidro Ungab says his committee will begin the budget hearings on August 10. 23 hours ago |
  • Budget Sec. Florencio Abad submits to the House of Representatives the proposed national budget of P 3-trillion for 2016. 23 hours ago |

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The Little President

17 hours ago | 0 comment
The Little PresidentTHE ‘Little President’ is a term politicos normally use to refer to the Executive Secretary but after President Benigno Aquino III delivered his...

Ain’t seen nothing

1 day ago | 0 comment
Ain’t seen nothingPresident Benigno Aquino III, who delivered his sixth – and thankfully his last – State-of-the-Nation Address  on Monday  spoke for two full...

Things we will not hear

2 days ago | 0 comment
Things we will not hearIF there is one thing the last five years have taught us, it is that President Aquino is a creature of habit. At every opportunity to address the Filipino people,...

A faith shaken

3 days ago | 0 comment
A faith shakenIt is unfortunate what is happening to the family behind the millions-strong Iglesia ni Cristo.

One dream

4 days ago | 0 comment
One dreamIt is easy to blame other people for our misfortunes and miscalculations. This would not be baseless. There are indeed many who take advantage of others ,...

Missing the economic agenda

5 days ago | 0 comment
Missing the economic agendaThe presidential race is about to heat up, with key political personalities expected to announce shortly their intentions in next year’s elections. But...

Leadership by default

6 days ago | 0 comment
Leadership by defaultAfter yet another meeting between President Benigno Aquino III and Senator Grace Poe this week, things appear clearer now. The senator’s statements are...

After the noise, an eerie silence

7 days ago | 0 comment
After the noise, an eerie silenceTHE contrast was stark. Following the conclusion of hearings before a UN tribunal in The Hague, administration officials are uncharacteristically silent on what...

This is not an obituary

8 days ago | 0 comment
This is not an obituaryThe word “Ampatuan” carries a lot of meaning. It refers to a town in Maguindanao province, a place marred by poverty as it is marked by beauty. It is...

Stumbling toward irrelevance

9 days ago | 0 comment
Stumbling toward irrelevancePRESIDENT Aquino is in a pickle. Although he has not said so, he clearly considers neophyte Senator Grace Poe a force to be reckoned with in the 2016 presidential...

What to say

10 days ago | 0 comment
What to sayIn a little more than a week, President Benigno Aquino III will deliver his State of the Nation Address, his last, before an audience of 100 million Filipinos all...

Meet some more

11 days ago | 0 comment
Meet some morePresident Benigno Aquino III said he was closer to naming the one he would endorse as his successor for next year’s elections, after Wednesday’s...

Slower economic growth

12 days ago | 0 comment
Slower economic growthThe International Monetary Fund and most foreign financial institutions are no longer convinced the Philippines can sustain a robust pace of economic growth this...

The new chief

13 days ago | 0 comment
The new chiefFinally, the President has decided. After more than seven months of being leaderless, the Philippine National Police has a new chief, and not in an acting...

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