Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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CasualtiesThe details are still coming in, but as of last reckoning, nearly 50 members of the Special Action Force of the Philippine National Police were killed in clashes...

Soliman’s brazen lies

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Soliman’s brazen liesWHAT must we do with a Cabinet secretary who shamelessly lies to the public in the belief that she can make fools of us all?

Trash talk

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Trash talkAmid the frenzy of Filipino Catholics over the five-day visit of Pope Francis earlier this month, there were a few things that threatened to cast shadows.

Deciding Estrada’s fate

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Deciding Estrada’s fateThe Supreme Court has decided to retain Joseph Estrada as mayor of Manila, dismissing allegations that his pardon, as a convicted plunderer, was conditional. The...

Huge oil savings

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Huge oil savingsThe era of cheap domestic pump prices will lead to increased consumer spending as savings of as much as $6 billion, or roughly P268 billion, are pumped into the...

Spontaneous reaction, festering spite

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Spontaneous reaction, festering spiteUnited States president Barack Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday night made headlines for the way it was spoken as much as for what it contained.

On a global scale

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On a global scaleAs the world’s most influential individuals and organizations converge in the resort town of Davos in Switzerland this week, we are reminded that the gap...

Back to regular programming

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Back to regular programmingPope Francis has come and gone. What has our nation got to show for it?

Lessons from a papal visit

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Lessons from a papal visitPOPE Francis flies out from Manila today, ending a historic five-day visit that imparted some important lessons on us as a people.

Painful to hear

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Painful  to hearListening to President Benigno Aquino III’s speech as he welcomed Pope Francis to the country last Friday was akin to hearing the screeching of nails...

The record holder

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The record holderManny Pacquiao was almost a shutout last year at the House of Representatives. But a man of his caliber managed to sneak in, like a powerful uppercut to the jaw...

The poor and the downtrodden

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The poor and the downtroddenPope Francis arrived in the Philippines Thursday in a “mercy and compassion” trip that will include a visit to communities devastated by super typhoon...

Waiting for Francis

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Waiting for FrancisWhen the plane carrying Pope Francis touches down on the Manila runway, and when he drives through our streets and sees the millions trying to get a glimpse of...

All agog to use powers

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All agog to use powersTHERE is a four-letter Filipino insult that perfectly describes the contempt we should hold for a Cabinet secretary who suggests that workers wear shorts this...