Tuesday, December 23, 2014

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His work is done

8 hours ago | 0 comment
His work is donePresidential Assistant for Rehabilitation and Recovery Panfilo Lacson is stepping down in February and that he has filed his irrevocable resignation.  Lacson...

A lack of transparency

1 day ago | 0 comment
A lack of transparencyTHREE associate justices of the anti-graft court caused a stir last week when they sought to recuse themselves from hearing the graft and plunder cases against...

Another old story

2 days ago | 0 comment
Another old storyA Hong Kong-based group has found that the Metro Rail Transit, which runs along Epifanio delos Santos Avenue, is no longer safe.

Eager to go to prison

3 days ago | 0 comment
Eager to go to prisonLaw enforcers face big risks—many of them die in the line of duty—and make untold sacrifices to enforce the law and put drug lords behind bars.

Volatile oil prices

4 days ago | 0 comment
Volatile oil pricesPlunging oil prices in the world market are a boon to the Philippines and other countries that are heavily dependent on the imported commodity. They immediately...

An old story

5 days ago | 0 comment
An old storyIt’s a prison compound where the convicted are supposed to be paying for their sins by having their liberty—and all other privileges attached to...

Hollow words

6 days ago | 0 comment
Hollow wordsDURING the recent graduation rites of the Armed Forces Officer Candidate Courses, President Aquino was again on his high horse, urging the fresh graduates to shy...

High-level talks

7 days ago | 0 comment
High-level talksAt the last minute of the 32-hour extension of the two-week discussions in Lima, Peru, all 195 countries represented at the Conference of Parties of the United...

Wishful thinking

8 days ago | 0 comment
Wishful thinkingREACTING to a recent survey showing a rise in his trust and approval ratings, President Aquino seemed hardly able to conceal his glee and engaged in some unseemly...

A bad name

9 days ago | 0 comment
A bad nameWoe to the hothead who vents his or her ire on someone with the foresight to record everything on a smartphone camera.

A new perspective

10 days ago | 0 comment
A new perspectivePeople did not expect Purisima to quit as head of the Philippine National Police despite the numerous cases filed against him in court. People also did not expect...

Rice imports

11 days ago | 0 comment
Rice importsThe Philippines will again import rice next year to augment buffer stocks, a clear indication that the country is far from achieving a self-sufficiency status.


12 days ago | 0 comment
Remittance-reliantAt perhaps no other time are overseas Filipino workers remembered and most celebrated than in December, as the Christmas holidays draw near.

Looking out for workers

13 days ago | 0 comment
Looking out for workersA party-list lawmaker this week called for a congressional probe into the widespread use of contractual labor by which thousands of workers in Mindanao were...

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