Monday, February 02, 2015

All Eagle eyes by Tony La Vina

Mamasapano is personal

2 days ago | 0 comment
Mamasapano is personalThe news about the killings in Mamasapano came to me via Facebook, not through my news feed but via an angry personal message by a Facebook friend, a fellow...

Ashoka fellows in the Philippines

6 days ago | 0 comment
Ashoka fellows in the PhilippinesIn 3rd century BC, Ashoka ruled the Indian Mauryan Empire and led his people in brutal wars against other states for conquest. One of the bloodiest wars in...

A visitor from France

9 days ago | 0 comment
A visitor from FranceThis week, we had an important visitor, less known than Pope Francis, but on climate change definitely as important than the pontiff. Indeed, Nicolas Hulot,...

Pope Francis, gone too soon

13 days ago | 0 comment
Pope Francis, gone too soonThe Filipino people have just been given a gift through the words and the presence of Pope Francis, for Catholics the Vicar of Christ.

Pope Francis on Yolanda Highway

16 days ago | 0 comment
Pope Francis on Yolanda HighwayThey call it Yolanda Highway -the roads that traverse the city of Tacloban and the towns of Tanauan, Palo, and other places in Leyte and Samar directly and were...

A philosopher, a theologian, and a pastor

20 days ago | 0 comment
A philosopher, a theologian, and a pastorI ended last Saturday’s column with short profiles of our last two Popes—Pope Saint John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI—and Pope Francis who...

Popes in modern times

23 days ago | 0 comment
Popes in modern timesThis is the second of a series of columns on the forthcoming papal visit. Last Tuesday, I wrote about the origins of the papacy and how the institution evolved...

The fisherman’s shoes

27 days ago | 0 comment
The fisherman’s shoesWith this column, I begin a series of articles on the forthcoming visit of Pope Francis. My objective is to help prepare my readers, believers and non-believers...

Entering 2015 with hopes

about 1 month ago | 0 comment
Entering 2015 with hopesIf you belong to the seven percent of Filipinos who are not hopeful for the New Year or if you would rather dwell on the many things that one can justifiably rant...

Leaving 2014 with questions

about 1 month ago | 0 comment
Leaving 2014 with questionsIt has definitely been an interesting year. I end it with more questions than answers, including from these top ten events and experiences.

The mystery of the family

about 1 month ago | 0 comment
The mystery of the familyThis Christmas, I recall a philosophical text that has had a profound influence on me, Gabriel Marcel’s essay “The Mystery of the Family”...

Peace to His people on earth

about 1 month ago | 0 comment
Peace to His people on earthChristmas is a time to take stock and ask hard questions about ourselves and our world. Are we being faithful to the Shema—the command to love God and our...

Reforming the Bureau of Immigration

about 1 month ago | 0 comment
Reforming the Bureau of ImmigrationIn this season of Christmas, ground zero for many Filipinos are our airports with many balikbayans and overseas Filipino workers coming from all over the world....

Lima’s bridge to Paris

about 1 month ago | 0 comment
Lima’s bridge to ParisAs my readers know, since I have been writing about it, I have been in Lima, Peru for the last two weeks as a member of the Philippine Delegation for the 20th...

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