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August 29, 2015, Saturday
  • Classes at U.P. Manila’s College of Arts and Sciences cancelled on Friday afternoon due to INC rally along Padre Faura St. 10 hours ago |
  • Rains in the area of Padre Faura St. in Manila fail to dampen the spirit of INC members who are protesting at DOJ. 10 hours ago |
  • CBCP says government should not underestimate the message of ‘no remittance day.’ 10 hours ago |
  • Construction of LRT 2 Masinag Extension to begin on Sept. 26. 11 hours ago |
  • Body of a missing seaman found in Tagaytay. 11 hours ago |
  • Palace calls for sobriety as more INC members troop to Padre Faura in Manila to join vigil in front of DOJ. 11 hours ago |
  • PNP’s estimate of INC members gathered in front of DOJ in Padre Faura St. in Manila is 4,000. 11 hours ago |
  • Justice Secretary Leila de Lima not yet seen at DOJ premises as of Friday afternoon. 12 hours ago |
  • Schedule of hearing on libel case filed by Makati Mayor Binay vs. Sen. Trillanes among those postponed on Friday due to INC rally at DOJ. 12 hours ago |
  • INC rally in front of DOJ has prompted the postponement of some hearings in the department. 12 hours ago |
  • Sen. Trillanes says he is ready to face any complaint at Senate Ethics Cmte. with regard to his hiring of over 40 consultants. 12 hours ago |
  • 10 members of the Philippine Marines injured in a battle with about 300 ASG bandits in Patikul, Sulu on Friday morning. 12 hours ago |
  • Radio broadcaster Cosme Diez Maestrado killed in an ambush in Misamis Occidental. 12 hours ago |
  • Anthony Taberna’s wife Rossel says it is ‘business as usual’ in their QC coffee shop after it was fired upon by gunmen. 12 hours ago |
  • Anthony Taberna’s wife Rossel thanks those who are concerned for them after the shooting incident in their QC coffee shop. 12 hours ago |
  • Migrante International says OFWs in Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia & Italy are joining the ‘zero remittance day’ on Friday. 12 hours ago |
  • Migrante International leads a rally at Mendiola in Manila as part of their ‘zero remittance day’ protest. 12 hours ago |
  • OFW Amie Emuslan who has been in comatose in UAE for 4 years finally brought back home. 12 hours ago |
  • Pres. Aquino tells visiting Thai PM that Filipinos are offering their condolences to the Thai people who are Filipinos’ brothers. 12 hours ago |
  • Thai PM Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha expresses sympathy for the Filipino who sustained injury in her hearing during the Aug. 17 Bangkok blast. 12 hours ago |
  • Thai PM who is visiting PH says situation in Thailand now under control since the Aug. 17 Bangkok blast that killed 20 persons. 12 hours ago |
  • Gunmen shot and killed a Chinese tourist who was on board a taxi in Vito Cruz, Manila. 16 hours ago |
  • Anthony Taberna says cops are looking at his job as a media man as possible motive behind the shooting incident at his coffee shop. 16 hours ago |
  • 2 men seen on CCTV firing at the coffee shop of ABS-CBN broadcaster Anthony Taberna in Visayas Ave., QC. 16 hours ago |
  • Padre Faura St. in Manila still closed to traffic on Friday morning due to INC rally in front of DOJ. 16 hours ago |
  • Some INC members continue their vigil in front of DOJ for the second day. 16 hours ago |
  • Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano tells court that part of his privilege as senator includes giving statements on subjects of senate probes. 16 hours ago |
  • Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano asks Makati RTC to dismiss the P 200-million damage suit filed against him by VP Binay. 16 hours ago |
  • BOC Chief Bert Lina shows at a press conference how prohibited items are being smuggled into PH using balikbayan boxes. 16 hours ago |
  • Customs Commissioner Bert Lina says he is listening to the sentiments of OFWs. 16 hours ago |
  • Customs Chief Bert Lina holds a press conference explaining how BOC is handling and inspecting balikbayan boxes. 16 hours ago |

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Aquino surrendersPRESIDENT Aquino surrendered to the political backlash and firestorm created by the decision of Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima and Customs Commissioner Bert...

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