Friday, July 25, 2014

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‘DAP hearing zarzuela with paid hacks cast’

9 hours ago | 0 comment
‘DAP hearing  zarzuela with  paid hacks cast’PETITIONERS who successfully challenged the legality of the Disbursement Acceleration Program before the Supreme Court branded Thursday’s Senate hearing on...

PNoy steps up SC attack

1 day ago | 0 comment
PNoy steps up SC attackPRESIDENT Benigno Aquino III resumed his attack on the Supreme Court Wednesday, accusing the justices of changing the rules on “good faith” when they...

Youth vs PNoy file 2nd impeachment

2 days ago | 0 comment
Youth vs PNoy file  2nd impeachmentYOUTH organizations, student leaders and campus journalists filed a second verified impeachment complaint against President Benigno Aquino III Tuesday over his...

New impeach rap vs PNoy endorsed

3 days ago | 0 comment
New impeach rap  vs PNoy endorsedTHE first valid impeachment complaint was filed Monday against President Benigno Aquino III, accusing him of betraying the public trust and knowingly violating...

Solons got 80% of DAP

4 days ago | 0 comment
Solons got 80% of DAPSENATORS and congressmen received some 857 of the 1,016 SAROs or special allotment release orders for P150.6 billion in pork barrel projects funded under the...

UN Council maps out crisis plan

5 days ago | 0 comment
UN Council maps out crisis planNEW YORK—The apparent deliberate downing of a Malaysian passenger plane over eastern Ukraine highlights the need for an urgent resumption of a ceasefire and...

3 Pinoys in jet crash

6 days ago | 0 comment
3 Pinoys in jet crashA FILIPINO mother and her two children were among the 298 passengers who were killed after a Malaysian Airlines jet flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot...

Courts in black mood

7 days ago | 0 comment
Courts in black moodCOURT employees and judges said they will wear black next Monday to express their indignation over what they described as the “vindictive actions” of...

DAP violation graver

8 days ago | 0 comment
DAP violation graverRETIRED Chief Justice Reynato Puno said Wednesday that the constitutional violation under the Disbursement Acceleration Program was more serious than that of the...

DAP list ‘sanitized’ Critics accused Palace of hiding ‘pork funds’

9 days ago | 0 comment
DAP list ‘sanitized’  Critics accused Palace  of hiding ‘pork funds’THE list of 116 projects funded by the Disbursement Acceleration Program released by the Palace Monday was sanitized to remove P30 billion worth of pork barrel...

PNoy threatens SC

10 days ago | 0 comment
PNoy threatens SCPRESIDENT Benigno Aquino III issued a thinly disguised threat Monday against the Supreme Court as he urged the magistrates in a nationally televised address to...

Full-court press vs PNoy

11 days ago | 0 comment
Full-court press vs PNoySOMETHING must be really wrong with the way the government is being run when President Benigno Aquino III must defend his highest-paid Cabinet secretaries for...

Fake resignation

12 days ago | 0 comment
Fake resignationLawmakers on Saturday branded as fake the resignation of Budget Secretary Florencio Abad, saying it only bolstered an impeachment case against President Benigno...

Aquino gets flak for keeping Abad

13 days ago | 0 comment
Aquino gets flak  for keeping AbadPRESIDENT Benigno Aquino III rejected the resignation of Budget Secretary Florencio Abad Friday, triggering criticism that he was trying to save himself from the...

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