Friday, September 19, 2014

All Happy Hour by Boy P.


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JihadistsA video clip showing members of the Abu Sayyaf Group pledging allegiance to the jihadist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has been going round since...

Poor PNoy

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Poor PNoyWe can’t really blame people for thinking they are being played like a spin top by this government, with President BS Aquino’s increasingly confusing...

Over due process

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Over due processThe Philippine National Police should not blame people for having such a low image of police men, with PNP now being the subject of contempt and derision, if not...

Scalded OFW gets sued for libel, needs to be repatriated

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Scalded OFW gets sued for libel, needs to be repatriatedRemember the case of this young overseas Filipina worker whose back was badly burned when the mother of her Saudi employer threw boiling water at her? Well, it...


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Nutcase“There’s a fine line between a genius and a looney” is a remake of that famous line from the late American comedian Arthur Levant that went,...

Filipino UN Peacekeepers: No retreat, no surrender

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Filipino UN Peacekeepers: No retreat, no surrenderIf the information from our stoolie is A-1, a couple of film outfits are reportedly on a race to secure filming rights for the story of the 40 Filipino soldiers...

Murderous affairs

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Murderous affairsThe apprehension of the alleged mastermind in the killing of racing driver Enzo Pastor, with the love triangle theory implicating the slain man’s widow...

Alan the Bully

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Alan the BullyThat’s practically what Deputy Majority Leader and Makati Representative Abigail Binay called Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, saying the gentleman from Taguig...

Anti-trafficking summits launched

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Anti-trafficking summits launchedWhile many of us grumble about the messy traffic situation in the streets, a more insidious kind of trafficking is destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands...

Department of Trouble and Confusion

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Department of Trouble and ConfusionNetizens are calling the DoTC the Department of Trouble and Confusion, many of them angry at the latest accident involving a southbound MRT-3 train overshot the...

Who is David Tan?

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Who is David Tan?Buddies who read our previous column item (Green sabotage) on the power industry and the difficulty that investors face in building much-needed new power plants...

Double whammy

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Double whammyAt a recent awards ceremony organized by members of the academe to honor outstanding shows and personalities in broadcast media, a popular commentator and news...

You still have just one vote, Kris

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You still have just one vote, KrisPeople don’t begrudge the right of Kris to defend President BS Aquino against his critics. After all, he is her brother and in so it is perfectly...

Headline hackers on the loose

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Headline hackers on the looseIf you’ve been seeing these controversial headlines in online news stories, only to find that the contents are entirely different from what you expected,...

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