Tuesday, July 07, 2015

All Happy Hour by Boy P.

Are companies ready for the future?

4 days ago | 0 comment
Are companies ready for the future?Businesses today face the most diverse work environment the world has ever seen with five different generations working together across geographies —each...

Risky selfies

6 days ago | 0 comment
Risky selfiesFor being unable to resist their macho urges, two pilots from an Argentine airliner now find themselves jobless after their selfies with a well-endowed actress...

Disappointed with bookstore’s anti-child rule

11 days ago | 0 comment
Disappointed with bookstore’s anti-child ruleStoolies informed us that a couple­—a lawyer and a former lifestyle editor of a daily—are on the verge of suing this bookstore located at a swanky...

Will Erap reconcile with Alfredo Lim?

13 days ago | 0 comment
Will Erap reconcile with Alfredo Lim?Now that Manila mayor Joseph Estrada has unveiled the new Chinatown Friendship Arch located at the foot of Jones Bridge in Manila, does this mean the proverbial...

The Trump card

18 days ago | 0 comment
The Trump cardThe entry of billionaire Donald Trump into the US presidential race is guaranteed to make US politics even more colorful, controversial and fun to watch. The man...

MERS-Cov can create recession

20 days ago | 0 comment
MERS-Cov can create recessionThe outbreak of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus could make it difficult for the South Korean economy to recover from recession, what with...

OFW stranded in Jeddah

25 days ago | 0 comment
OFW stranded in JeddahFor failing to pay his hospital bills, an ailing Filipino overseas worker is now stranded in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This was disclosed by a non-government...

Meralco cuts rates

27 days ago | 0 comment
Meralco cuts ratesHappy Hour received several text messages saying that Meralco has lowered its rates by P0.58 per kilowatt –hour for the month of June. This means we can...

Viagra for women? Why not?

about 1 month ago | 0 comment
Viagra for women? Why not?Discussion is getting hot over that little pink pill that’s supposed to help women get over the (sensual) blues. We’re talking about filibanserin, the...

MRT: Maddeningly rickety trains

about 1 month ago | 0 comment
MRT: Maddeningly rickety trainsOnce again, commuters had to endure the inconvenience and discomfort of waiting for those maddeningly rickety trains to arrive at the Metro Rail Transit stations,...

Broken vows

about 1 month ago | 0 comment
Broken vowsIt’s typical of government bureaucratic BS for officials and personnel to wait until the last possible minute before acting on something and then trying to...

Back-to-school blues

about 1 month ago | 0 comment
Back-to-school bluesWith 23 million elementary and high school students set to troop back to school next Monday, expect traffic to become much worse than you’re already...

Millions of cars recalled – is yours included?

about 1 month ago | 0 comment
Millions of cars recalled – is yours included?We came across this disturbing news item from CNN Money that 34 million cars are being recalled due to defective bag inflators manufactured by Japanese air bag...

Gloves are off

about 1 month ago | 0 comment
Gloves are offAt the wake of Tarlac Congressman Enrique “Henry” Cojuangco who passed away last Tuesday due to an aneurysm, stoolies reported seeing Interior...

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