Friday, July 25, 2014

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DAPlisPresident BS Aquino may have been afflicted by something akin to LSS (last song syndrome), a buddy commented, judging from the way he keeps injecting his...

PNOC gropes for identity

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PNOC gropes for identityPhilipPine National Oil Co., once the country’s most strategic corporate asset, is fast losing its luster. From being one of the prime companies in the 70s...

Asian shares extend gains on Wall St rally, euro sinks

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Asian shares extend gains on Wall St rally, euro sinksHONG KONG, July 23, 2014 (AFP) - Asian markets mostly rose Wednesday, adding to the previous day's rally, following a positive lead from Wall Street while...

DAPologists on overdrive

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DAPologists on overdriveAs people wait for the fifth state-of-the-nation address of President BS Aquino on July 28, administration apologists are on overdrive to make the SC-declared...

Desktop chameleon

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Desktop chameleonONE of the joys of using Linux is the extent of control you get over how your desktop looks and behaves. Unlike Windows or Mac OS X, you’re not stuck with...

Virtuous leadership

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Virtuous leadershipI am currently taking Action Research, a course in the Master of Business Administration program offered by De La Salle University.  As part of its...

Salim to challenge SMC’s food control

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Salim to challenge SMC’s food controlIndonesian tycoon Anthoni Salim has fired the first salvo in the much-awaited Asean economic integration. His initial flour mill venture at the Subic Bay Freeport...

Presidential toro excretio

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Presidential toro excretioSore loser. That’s how one best describes a man who cannot and would not admit defeat, and refuses to acknowledge that he is in the wrong—like...

Rediscovering Opera

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Rediscovering OperaA STEADY decline in the marketshare of Firefox has me worried that my favorite browser will one day join its predecessor, Netscape, in oblivion.

What the government can learn from NRI

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What the government  can learn from NRIThe Global Information Technology Report 2014 released by the World Economic Forum on April 23, 2014 showed an improvement in the global rank of the Philippines...

Troublesome changes

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Troublesome changesOne of our stoolies tweeted that a corporate movement in one of the firms engaged in the financial security and protection business has a rather intriguing inside...

A look back

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A look backTime flies. The year began with preparations for the 20th anniversary celebration of our company, Solutions Incorporated. On the night of the celebration, as we...

Greenpeace revs up PH drive; DoE task force going nowhere

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Greenpeace revs up PH drive; DoE task force going nowhereAmsterdam-based environmental advocate Greenpeace International must be preparing for something bigger in its campaign to revile biotechnology crops in the...


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UnchristianWe have yet to hear what kind of admonishment the Cebu Archdiocese will give to Fr. Romeo Obach who was caught on video humiliating a 17-year-old single mom who...

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