Tuesday, September 23, 2014

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No iPads for Steve Jobs’ kids

3 hours ago | 0 comment
No iPads for Steve Jobs’ kidsIN a prime example of a tech visionary not eating his own dog food, Steve Jobs never let his kids use an Apple iPad.


4 days ago | 0 comment
JihadistsA video clip showing members of the Abu Sayyaf Group pledging allegiance to the jihadist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has been going round since...


4 days ago | 0 comment
ExtraordinaryWith September well on the way, many managers are in the process of preparing plans and budgets.  In the preparation of these plans and budgets, managers...

Surprise PAL president

5 days ago | 0 comment
Surprise PAL presidentSan Miguel honcho Ramon S. Ang, or RSA, could have made a counter offer and bought out tobacco tycoon Lucio Tan in Philippine Airlines. RSA as PAL president and...

Poor PNoy

6 days ago | 0 comment
Poor PNoyWe can’t really blame people for thinking they are being played like a spin top by this government, with President BS Aquino’s increasingly confusing...

Listening to the Web

7 days ago | 0 comment
Listening to the WebMOST people spend hours on the road, driving or commuting to work every day. Wouldn’t it be great if they could use all that time productively by catching...

NMBK defines social value proposition

8 days ago | 0 comment
NMBK defines social value propositionThe Philippines has a plethora of unmet social needs such as poverty, low access to education, lack of health care, unemployment and underemployment. 

Over due process

11 days ago | 0 comment
Over due processThe Philippine National Police should not blame people for having such a low image of police men, with PNP now being the subject of contempt and derision, if not...

Not just adobo

11 days ago | 0 comment
Not just adobo“My children do not like to go to Filipino restaurants because they actually prefer the adobo my cook makes to anything we can have in any...

Big Kuwaiti investor harassed

12 days ago | 0 comment
Big Kuwaiti investor harassedThe emir of Kuwait may soon join the long list of businessmen who are unhappy with the way the Philippines treats foreign  investors.

Scalded OFW gets sued for libel, needs to be repatriated

13 days ago | 0 comment
Scalded OFW gets sued for libel, needs to be repatriatedRemember the case of this young overseas Filipina worker whose back was badly burned when the mother of her Saudi employer threw boiling water at her? Well, it...

Note taking made simple

14 days ago | 0 comment
Note taking made simpleSOMETIMES, simple is just better. For me, this is certainly the case for note taking applications, where I value three features most of all: 1) The ability to...


15 days ago | 0 comment
SerendipityWhen Facebook acquired Instagram for a whopping $1 billion in 2012, many observers attributed it to luck.


18 days ago | 0 comment
Nutcase“There’s a fine line between a genius and a looney” is a remake of that famous line from the late American comedian Arthur Levant that went,...

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