Monday, September 01, 2014
  • Drilon got biggest  DAP slice—solon

    Drilon got biggest DAP...

    His P1B out of P10B for lawmakers largely funded 3 Iloilo projects

    LAWMAKERS on Sunday tagged Senate President Franklin Drilon as having cornered some P1 billion from the Disbursement Acceleration Program for pet projects in his home province. Drilon’s P1 billion was the biggest allocation out of the total P10.08 billion in DAP funds that went to lawmakers, mostly to...
  • PH forces attacked

    PH forces attacked

    Syrian rebels fire at Filipino positions in Golan heights

    THE stand-off involving Filipino peacekeepers at the Golan Heights in Syria turned into a shoot-out as Syrian rebels attacked the two fortified United Nations outposts on Saturday, officials said on Saturday. Close watch. A member of the United Nations  Disengagement Force uses binoculars  to...
  • PH peace force in Syria digs in

    PH peace force in Syria digs in

    Ready to fight back, use ‘deadly force’ vs Syrian rebels

    SEVENTY-FIVE Filipino members of a UN peacekeeping force besieged by Syrian rebels on the Golan Heights are ready to use “deadly force” to defend themselves, their commander in Manila said Friday. Standoff. A Dutch member of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force stands in the Israeli-...
  • Aquino: No to 2nd term

    Aquino: No to 2nd term

    Allies say this should end speculation, but critics doubt PNoy, still see danger

    PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino III said Thursday he is not interested in seeking a second term, ending all speculation that he wants to remain in power beyond 2016. Aquino said what he wants is to ensure that the reforms initiated by his administration are continued even after he has stepped down. “Am I the...
  • Don’t jump gun  on Noy—Palace

    Don’t jump gun on...

    Blasts people speculating on Aquino’s next Cha-cha move

    MALACAÑANG on Wednesday chided the people speculating on whether President Aquino will embark on Charter change to seek a second term, even as a constitutionalist on Tuesday warned “that may be his undoing” if he pushes it. Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said the people speculating...

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