Sunday, July 27, 2014
  • Joker: No DAP in Cory’s term

    Joker: No DAP in Cory’s term

    Slams budget chief for name-dropping

    Former senator Joker Arroyo on Saturday denounced the present administration for dragging the name of the late former President Corazon Aquino into the controversial Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP). Arroyo Arroyo aired his sentiments following the claim of Budget Secretary Florencio Abad during a...
  • Airport issue puts  DAP in question

    Airport issue puts DAP in question

    Binay, Recto show dismay over excuses of Abad, Abaya

    SENATORS Nancy Binay and Ralph Recto on Friday said they were puzzled over the Palace’s definition of “economic stimulus” after it impounded and diverted some P14.5 billion meant to build up 22 key airports and seaports to projects with little or no economic impact. At the hearing of the...
  • ‘DAP hearing  zarzuela with  paid hacks cast’

    ‘DAP hearing zarzuela with ...

    PETITIONERS who successfully challenged the legality of the Disbursement Acceleration Program before the Supreme Court branded Thursday’s Senate hearing on the discredited program a “zarzuela” and “A-bad and uncouth script that was painful to watch” with administration senators...
  • PNoy steps up SC attack

    PNoy steps up SC attack

    Says its DAP decision sends ‘chilling effect’

    PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino III resumed his attack on the Supreme Court Wednesday, accusing the justices of changing the rules on “good faith” when they ruled that some acts committed under the Disbursement Acceleration Program were unconstitutional. The President said that although the Court has...
  • Youth vs PNoy file  2nd impeachment

    Youth vs PNoy file 2nd impeachment

    YOUTH organizations, student leaders and campus journalists filed a second verified impeachment complaint against President Benigno Aquino III Tuesday over his Disbursement Acceleration Program, parts of which were struck down by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional. Weighing in. Students from various...

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