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August 01, 2015, Saturday
  • Passenger’s disruptive behavior in Cebupac plane from Dubai forced the crew to make an emergency landing in India. 8 hours ago |
  • Crew of PH-bound Cebu Pacific plane made a Filipino passenger alight from the aircraft after causing commotion & bomb scare. 8 hours ago |
  • Enrile attends Sandiganbayan hearing on pork barrel scam. 8 hours ago |
  • DFA to file third diplomatic protest against Canada over trash. 8 hours ago |
  • Magnitude 3.4 quake jolts Sultan Kudarat. 8 hours ago |
  • DPWH to conduct road reblocking in parts of Quezon City & Pasig at 10 pm Friday. 8 hours ago |
  • UNA admits Pres. Aquino’s endorsement of Roxas has weight. 8 hours ago |
  • Binay visits communities in Cavite. 8 hours ago |
  • Binay says Roxas had been dilly-dallying on his presidential candidacy prior to Aquino’s endorsement. 8 hours ago |
  • Sen. Grace Poe hopes the 2016 election campaign will be about discussions on reforms. 8 hours ago |
  • Sen. Grace Poe congratulates Mar Roxas for getting Pres. Aquino’s endorsement. 8 hours ago |
  • Sen. Grace Poe thanks Pres. Aquino for considering her as among those who can continue his administration’s programs. 8 hours ago |
  • Roxas on serving gov’t: “Ibubuhos ko ang lahat. Wala akong ititira para sa sarili ko.” 13 hours ago |
  • Roxas to the Filipino people: “Mga boss, hindi ko sasayangin ang tiwala ninyo.” 13 hours ago |
  • Roxas on Pres. Aquino: “Pnoy allowed us to imagine again what the Filipino is capable of.” 13 hours ago |
  • Roxas: “Ako si Mar Roxas at tinatanggap ko ang hamon ng ating mga boss.” 13 hours ago |
  • Roxas: “Buong tapang at buong paninindigan kong tinatanggap ang tawag ng daang matuwid.” 13 hours ago |
  • Roxas to Aquino: “I have never met a president who sacrificed so much for the country.” 13 hours ago |
  • Roxas’ voice breaks as he remembers his brother Dinggoy’s memory. 13 hours ago |
  • Roxas says it was his brother Dinggoy who died in 1993 who should have taken on the legacy of serving government. 13 hours ago |
  • Roxas: Dito sa Club Filipino ko unang sinabing “Bayan, bago ang sarili.” 13 hours ago |
  • Pres. Aquino: “Ang magtutuloy sa atin sa Daang Matuwid, ang paniwala ko po, walang iba ang taong ito kundi si Mar Roxas.” 13 hours ago |
  • Pres. Aquino: “Bakit tayo magpapaakit sa ‘baka,’ kung meron namang sigurado?” 13 hours ago |
  • Pres. Aquino: “All of us have the obligation to choose the right President.” 13 hours ago |
  • Pres. Aquino recalls Fmr. Sen. Joker Arroyo used to compare his group as a gathering of people who could fit into a Volkswagen Beetle. 14 hours ago |
  • Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte Mayor Rommel Arnado at Club Filipino praises the peace that Aquino gov’t has put in place in his town. 14 hours ago |
  • Pres. Aquino and DILG Sec. Mar Roxas enter Kalayaan Hall of Club Filipino. 14 hours ago |
  • Program at Club Filipino includes testimonials from Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program’s beneficiaries. 14 hours ago |
  • Pres. Aquino’s convoy arrives at Club Filipino in San Juan. 14 hours ago |
  • Fire hits a residential area in Laong Laan, Sampaloc, Manila. 14 hours ago |
  • Road in front of Club Filipino in San Juan currently closed to motorists. 14 hours ago |
  • Liberal Party calls the jam-packed event at Club Filipino ‘A Gathering of Friends.’ 14 hours ago |
  • LP Senators Frank Drilon, Ralph Recto, Bam Aquino & TG Guingona as well as DBM Sec. Butch Abad among those present at Club Filipino. 15 hours ago |
  • ‘Cory Aquino Hall’ in Club Filipino where LP’s event is being held is also where Cory Aquino had taken her oath as PH President. 15 hours ago |
  • ‘Cory Aquino Hall’ in Club Filipino is where Roxas had announced that he was giving way to Aquino for 2010 polls. 15 hours ago |
  • DILG Sec. Mar Roxas arrives at Club Filipino in San Juan with wife Korina Sanchez. 15 hours ago |
  • Program at Club Filipino in San Juan for Pres. Aquino’s endorsement of Mar Roxas’ presidential candidacy begins at 10:30 am Friday. 15 hours ago |

Not your ordinary water

By Bernadette Lunas | Jun. 24, 2013 at 06:01pm
Drinking the right amount of clean water a day is vital for a person to survive and enjoy good health. The fluid, in itself, has all the essential elements to fuel our system for it to function properly.

But can water be more than the hydrating agent our body requires? Can it be a medicine to prevent or treat life-threatening diseases and other ailments?

There have been "miraculous" waters across the globe that claim and have been reported to cure illnesses or make people look younger, which, more often than not, are just urban legends luring individuals for beyond-possible results.

However, there is a "miracle water" available today in the market that's been creating a silent buzz ever since several individuals reported improvements in their health after drinking it. This sets itself apart from purified, distilled and mineral water variants as it contains more dissolved oxygen.

Developed and manufactured by CY Water Solutions Inc., OxRyd is the first oxygen-rich bottled water in the Philippines. From an underground source, the well water undergoes Electrolytic Hydrolysis or Electrolysis, an oxygenation process that splits water to smaller components and increases dissolved oxygen content. In result, the water becomes softer and its molecule clusters become smaller which cells absorb faster.

Oxygenated water has long been available in other countries, but it is not until Victor Cu, founder and general manager of CY Water Solutions, was introduced to the technology by an American biochemist that specializes in water and oxygen in a Water Treatment Exhibition in US that this became available in the Philippines.

"He introduced me to the system he developed which purpose was for waste water treatment. He said that if that equipment is used for freshwater, there would be lots of health benefits," Cu says.

In 1999, he reconfigured the equipment, adopted the technology in the country, and tried doing the oxygenation of water. But it is not after a year when he perfected the machine for Electrolysis and started drinking oxygenated water.

For six years, Cu and his family drank the water wherein they experienced improved health. The founder, who suffers from sinusitis, fatty liver, uric acid and high cholesterol, says his health became better after drinking oxygenated water.

"I stopped taking my medicines and after just three months of drinking the water, I had blood chemistry and the doctors said all my parameters normalized," shares Cu.

After experiencing the health benefits of OxRyd, Cu then established the company in 2008 and a year after introduced the product to different supermarkets and other leading distributors.

Better health from oxygenated water

OxRyd is more than just a bottle of water and promises more benefits than just hydration.

The extra oxygen in OxRyd enhances the body's energy production in the cellular level by speeding up the breaking down of food molecules resulting to higher energy and improved stamina.

It also promotes higher oxygen level for faster cell regeneration and strengthening of immune system. OxRyd also helps the body to detoxify and in flushing out unwanted compounds from the system.

According to Cu, by drinking at least two liters of OxRyd everyday, you will immediately feel the progress in your body. And to verify the health benefits of oxygen-rich water, Cu tapped surgeon and urology specialist Dr. Joseph Lee to administer clinical studies in July last year.

Five patients with diseases ranging from hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, nephrolithiasis, and thyroid problems were tested after a month of drinking OxRyd. In a short period, results show particular improvements in their health; several parameters normalized and the patients themselves reported better health.

"The oxygenated water had no adverse effects to those taking medications. The water was not competing with the prescribed drugs that patients were taking," Dr. Lee explains.

So the question now is, could OxRyd be considered a medicine? Cu and Dr. Lee both agree it could not.

"It's just water, water with much more dissolved oxygen," says Cu.

"Despite the positive effects, I'm not saying that it will cure illnesses. It does not necessarily treat but it enhances the improvements from taking medications," Dr. Lee clarifies.

OxRyd, which is packed in unique blue UV protected bottles, is also safe for babies and pregnant women.

Affordable health benefits

Cu reports that the Philippines has cheaper oxygenated water than other countries.

"In the US, a gallon of oxygen-rich water costs about $25, but here, a gallon of OxRyd can be bought for only P100," he says.

“Our goal is to promote healthy lifestyle by providing high-grade drinking water to the public. We wanted to address the buying public that it is indeed essential to choose the water we drink everyday,” adds Cu.

OxRyd is retailed at P22 for 500ml bottle and P35 for 1000ml bottle in leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide. To know more about OxRyd, call (02) 666-1950 / (02) 215-9156 or log on to
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